Luce Research - Data Collection Specialists

About Us

Luce Research is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We chose Colorado Springs because of its low cost, well educated work force. Our office is over 5100 square feet allowing us room to expand as needed. We do not subscribe to the usual call center formula of huge phone rooms with 50 or more interviewers to a room. That creates that “boiler room” sound that instantly puts a respondent on guard. Instead we break up our phone room into smaller pieces to dampen cross-talk.

We currently have 200 stations, but have the ability and the room to add stations as needed. Some of our other interview features include:

  • Open technology: Interviewer records both script and administrative data in a standard SQL compliant database, whose structure is transparent to the user.
  • Multi-mode system: Use the telephone or the Web in the sequence most appropriate for your survey. We can also conduct mixed mode surveys where the web survey and telephone survey run simultaneously off the same database.
  • Questionnaires:  We specialize in very complex questionnaires.  We can easily reuse questions from previous questionnaire or templates.
  • Languages: We have all the tools needed to conduct multilingual surveys anywhere on the planet.
  • Sample management: Our field staff is equipped with a complete and user-friendly set of management tools.
  • Easy mid-field modifications: Last minute changes are not a problem.
  • High quality data: Whatever your data collection needs, we deliver complete and reliable data. All interaction with the respondent is faithfully stored, and if desired, recorded.
  • Remote monitoring: Our clients are always welcome, and encouraged to monitor their calls. And we don’t just offer listening, but watching as well. Over the web, you can see what our agents see, while hearing the live call.  We don’t limit our clients to a few carefully chosen interviewers, our clients are able to choose who they wish to listen to.
  • On-line reporting tools: Our clients can rely on a complete set of Web based reporting tools, regardless of the collection mode to let you monitor the progress of your data collection projects. The reports can be predefined and include:
    • quotas
    • toplines
    • sample disposition, with interview durations
    • interviewer productivity
    • crosstabs
    • open-ends

Todd Luce – President/Partner
Todd has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from San Diego State University.  Mr. Luce specializes in survey research, complex data management protocols and assures that consistent data collection and quality control procedures are maintained for all research projects with over 14 years experience. He has extensive experience with advanced statistical methods, statistical programming, quantitative analysis and advanced weighting techniques.  He is fluent in SPSS, SAS, R, S+ and Matlab and can use these tools to help solve any statistical or data manipulation problem the client may need.  Mr. Luce is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Statistical Association.

Ken Luce – President/Partner
Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from San Diego State University.  He has over 19 years experience in call center management, data management and CATI programming.  He has over 8 years experience programming our current CATI system.  Over Ken’s 19 year call center career, he has experienced every level of employment, from conducting the interviewers, to direct managing of the interviewers, to managing the managers.  These experiences in different positions gives him a unique understanding of all the various needs of call center management, allowing him to get the most of each of his employees.