Our founders, Ken and Todd Luce, bring over twenty-five years of experience in collecting and evaluating public opinion, political and market data.

Ken Luce


Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from San Diego State University. He has over 19 years experience in call center management, data management, and CATI programming. He has over 8 years experience programming our current CATI system. Over Ken’s 19-year call center career, he has thrived in many roles, including conducting interviews, direct management of interviewers, upper management, and company executive. These experiences in different positions give him a unique understanding of all the various needs of call center management, allowing him to get the most of each of his employees.

Staff and Facilities


Luce Research is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We chose Colorado Springs because of its low cost, well-educated workforce. Our office is over 10,000 square feet allowing us room to expand as needed. We do not subscribe to the usual call center formula of huge phone rooms with 50 or more interviewers to a room. That creates that “boiler room” sound that instantly puts a respondent on guard. Instead, we break up our phone room into smaller pieces to dampen cross-talk.

Todd Luce


Todd has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from San Diego State University. Mr. Luce specializes in survey research, complex data management protocols and assures that consistent data collection and quality control procedures are maintained for all research projects with over 14 years experience. He has extensive experience with advanced statistical methods, statistical programming, quantitative analysis and advanced weighting techniques. He is fluent in SPSS, SAS, R, S+ and Matlab and can use these tools to help solve any statistical or data manipulation problem the client may need. Mr. Luce is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the American Statistical Association.


The Luce Research Programming department will fully develop your project. We handle everything from simple one-question voter contacts, to complex web surveys combining interactive media and advanced web technologies. We specialize in very complex questionnaires as well as programming multilingual surveys to be conducted anywhere on the planet.
All projects undergo rigorous quality checks before leaving the Programming department. You will have the opportunity to review our work before a project is handed off to our Operations team for fielding. You always have the final say on when a project is ready to go!
Our Programming team uses a variety of software (including, but not limited to SPSS, Microsoft Office, FoxPro, and SQL) to retrieve, analyze, and present final data in your desired format.

Robert Wright

Director of Programming

Damone Grate


Tyler Schmidt

Tyler Schmidt

Lead Programmer

Asher Rowland

Intern Programmer

Laurence Seyb


Nacaio Shepard

Intern Programmer


Highly skilled at managing a wide range of project types, our Ops/Field Team has over 45 years of combined experience in survey project management.

We understand that your needs are ever-changing, but data quality must remain consistent. Operations quickly, professionally and meticulously deploys creative solutions to meet those challenges. Every project is assigned a project manager who is accountable and responsive while the project is underway. Your project manager proactively identifies and removes any obstacles to project success, communicating any project performance anomalies, and quickly implementing any adjustments necessary.

During live fielding, timely and fully transparent project reporting assures your project is on track. Our reporting portal contains a variety of tools to review your project’s performance — whether it’s quotas, top lines, sample disposition, interview durations, interviewer productivity, cross-tabs, or open-ends, or custom reporting, we can match the level of contact and control you desire in real time.

Christine Titus

Christine Titus

Director of Operations
Sharna Simpson

Andrew Wheeler

Project Manager

Kristina Poe

Lead Point

Robert Dorrance

Robert Dorrance

Project Director

Sharna Simpson

Katherine Keefe

Project Manager

Constance Blissett


Victoria Necochea


Sharna Simpson

Sharna Simpson

Project Manager

Aidan Lopez

Assistant Project Manager

Kathryn Halstead



Before the very first call is made from a newly hired interviewer, Luce Research conducts a rigorous training program that covers all facets of our research business. Our training program has been custom developed to appeal to all learning styles and is designed to educate about the different types of survey research. Trainees receive lecture, reading, audio-visual, demonstration, discussion and ultimately practice by doing during this course. Our Training Program can be further tailored to allow us to target any audience for your project.

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Once an Interviewer has graduated the Training Program, the learning doesn’t stop. They will continue to receive ongoing development from our Coaches and Quality Control staff members. Our trainees are challenged and provided with the necessary tools to become a successful member of our Interviewing Staff. Located within the Human Resources department is our Scheduling Team. We understand that project timelines can shift and have the ability to handle changes with ease. Luce Research has the ability to host over 1,500 interviewing hours per day. At a moment’s notice, our Scheduling Team can increase or decrease staffing levels based on your project needs. This means we can handle delays, early starts, or any of your special requests with success.
Samantha Boy

Samantha Boy

Human Resources Director

Selena Gonazales

Recruiting Assistant

Jeffrey Bremmerman

Payroll Administrator

Breanna Ellington

Training Manager

Elias Heron

Assistant Trainer

Marielena Veiga

Hiring Manager

Maria Matthews

Kimberly Murray



Luce Research IT Services provide information technology leadership and support to the business. The IT department supports Luce Research by developing and maintaining the computing, communications, and information infrastructure. This infrastructure is a blend of cutting-edge technology to enhance security, increase availability and reduce cost which is passed on as direct savings to our clients! Our IT department maintains a broad and diverse portfolio of applications to support every facet of Luce Research operations.

Sean Wichers

Sean Wichers

IT Director
Luce Research employs use of the Voxco Command Center application for data collection. Voxco Command Center is an integrated platform for multi-channel and mixed data collection modules that provides high performance research, flexibility, and centralized survey management capabilities.


Luce Research is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our office is over 10,000 square feet allowing us room to expand as needed.

Our Facility offers:

  • 10,000 square feet
  • 226 Interviewing Stations
  • Centralized “Command Center” Management Station
  • Dedicated departmental office spaces
  • Fiber Optic Telecom CO Extension
  • On-site Facilities Staff
  • Access Control
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Alarm System & Monitoring

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