Luce Research helps clients understand their constituencies better — from customer or employee satisfaction surveys to likely voter or general population surveys — by providing reliable information through sophisticated data collection and analysis techniques to simplified reports that can be understood and acted upon.

We proudly comply with the AAPOR Code of Ethics.


Trust our expert and dedicated staff with your complex questionnaire programming and design.

  • Handle your questionnaire inception to completion with full scale quality check.
  • Your questionnaire can be run through an interview simulation to help identify metrics (length of interview, etc…).
  • Your questionnaire will go through multiple quality control checks to ensure it flows properly.
  • Javascript or other web technologies available for greater flexibility (videos, image mapping, etc…).
  • We also offer custom branding and use a variety of screens to present your questions in the desired format.
  • i18n – Internationalization into any language.

Whether or not you choose us to field your project, let us design your questionnaire!


Luce Research employs a dedicated coding staff to handle your project during and after fielding.

  • Precise handling and coding of open-end questions to your code-frame.
  • We offer the cleaning of open-end questions for proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Analyzing and developing custom code-frames in advance or after fielding.
  • i18n – Internationalization into any language.

Whether we fielded your project or not, let us do the dirty work and clean up your responses!

Hosted Online Web Surveys

Luce Research offers a dedicated webserver to host your online survey.

  • Our dedicated web server can handle large amounts of traffic and offers concurrent access to your questionnaire.
  • We offer the ability to pass variables to and from other vendors or sample providers.
  • We have the ability to incorporate video and multimedia into your survey.
  • Mobile/Tablet ready, ensuring the widest audience using the latest technology.
  • Complete control over branding, survey appearance, color scheme and more!

Let us host your web survey today!

Mass Mailings / E-Mailings

Luce Research has experience sending traditional mailing campaigns and managing e-mail campaigns.

  • We have on-premise specialized equipment to handle your traditional mailing campaigns – saving you per letter.
  • A start to finish service, from letter creation, printing, folding, stuffing, stamping including mailing!
  • Multiple e-mail providers to ensure the highest deliverability of your electronic mailing campaigns.
  • We offer expertise in SPAM scoring your e-mail campaigns for increased success rate.
  • Your e-mail campaign can be tracked for deliverability, opens, click-through, opt-out, and bounces.
  • We can tie your traditional mailing or e-mailing to a “chase project” for telephone follow-up.
  • i18n – Internationalization into any language.

Whichever your preferred method, let us reach the audience for you!

IDI / In Depth Interviewing

Luce Research offers a highly trained staff of In Depth Interviewers (IDI) to handle your delicate projects.

  • Our In Depth Interviewers go through a rigorous training program and tailor their delivery to ensure success.
  • The IDI staff offers unrivaled one-on-one attention to your target and captures extremely detailed responses.
  • Interviewers are assigned to your project and follow-up with the respondent to develop rapport with “gatekeepers”.

Whether you are talking to Policymakers, C-Suite Executives, or other Thought Leaders, let us handle the interviewing for you!

FGR / Focus Group Recruiting

Let us do your Focus Group Recruiting! We can get the audience you need with a commitment to appear.

  • We can recruit the respondents you desire and pre-screen your audience.
  • Dedicated Focus Group telephone hotline to play automated messages or capture messages from the respondent.
  • Reminder phone calls to the respondent help ensure accountability and commit them to show up.

Incentive or not, we can recruit your preferred target audience and get them to show up at your Focus Group!

GOTV / Voter Contact

Election season is always a busy time. Let us handle your voter contact to help solidify turnout and results.

  • Utilizing the freshest data from public and private sources, identify the most likely voters and their levels of support.
  • Once your supporters are identified, collect endorsements, yard sign promoters, rally attendees and more.
  • From early voting all the way into election day, manage your GOTV (Get Out The Vote) and ballot chasing results.

Get your ground game on!

Automated Polling

Need to run a telephone campaign but don’t want to use interviewers? No problem, we have the technology to help!

  • Luce Research has a specialized automated survey system that can utilize logic to conduct your survey.
  • We use automated calling and detection technologies to have the greatest success reaching the respondent.
  • We can utilize your voice, or a professional male or female voice talent to record your questions/answers.
  • Full report delivered at the end of your campaign.

Contact us today to get started!

Inbound Telephone Projects

Luce Research has expertise handling Inbound telephone calls. From simple to complex telephone trees, automated lookups, or ACD’s staffed with agents, we can make your next project a breeze.

  • We can offer a dedicated Toll-Free Number to your project including VANITY number selections.
  • Simple or complex Inbound Voice Response system with logic to branch callers to the right spot at the right time.
  • Automated data retrieval and delivery to the caller.
  • We offer staffing of ACD queues to transfer callers to a specialized agent for call handling.
  • Close control over inbound projects using Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We can handle all types of inbound projects, from order taking, to survey making, we can handle it all!

Data Analysis

Luce Research offers a complete Data Analysis service. We can correlate and report on your data to give you the best representation of results in your desired format.

  • Wide array of data tools to deliver data in your preferred format — including SPSS, WinCross, FoxPro and more!
  • Huge variety of reports including Crosstabs, Q-Prints, Productivity, etc…
  • Summary and press release writing, along with priority delivery to media outlets.

Contact us today to get started!

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